I need a ride

Many college students rely on alternative forms of transportation to provide a safe, inexpensive, and enjoyable experience. However, according to our customer discovery 70% of students feel unsafe while taking alternative forms of transportation. On top of this, the average college student has just over $200 of disposable income per month, and they spend over half of that on transportation.

That's where we come in! Flock United is a ride-sharing app that provides safe and inexpensive transportation for college students by college students while creating a sense of community on campus.

How does it work?

Students can log in with their unique student ID, guaranteeing that drivers and riders are from the same university. From there, they can browse popular student locations or request a ride from a specific location. Both drivers and riders are able to view user profiles featuring name, age, gender, major, and rating based on previous experience.

Is it safe?

Through GPS tracking, users can view their current location at all times. Users also have the immediate option to press a help button, connecting them to emergency services should they ever feel unsafe. All Flock United drivers are background checked to ensure rider safety. Because we only employ students, we are also creating a convenient source of income for students. After all, our purpose is to create safe transportation and a sense of community. Just as in your neighborhood you have a certain level of familiarity and support. Flock United aims to bring the same sense of community to college campuses.

Impressed yet?

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